KAWASE Shinobu :50years of Celadon Making

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KAWASE Shinobu

KAWASE Shinobu : Fifty Years of Celadon Making
23 November - 24 March,2019

 This exhibition is held to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Kawase Shinobu’s (b.1950) career as a ceramist who continues to be active as a celadon artist. Born as the eldest son of the Kawase family, proprietor of Koyorogi Kiln in Oiso, Kanagawa, he started out as a full-time ceramist at age eighteen under his grandfather Kawase Chikushun I, a renowned master of a style following Chinese ceramics, and his father Kawase Chikushun II. While pursuing the family business of porcelain decorated in overglaze enamels or underglaze blue, in his second year, at age nineteen, he presented celadon ware for the first time. The high degree of perfection demonstrated on that occasion came into the spotlight.From then on, celadon has continued to be the main focus of his work.

 Celadon originated in China and is a ceramic that develops a blue color when a tiny amount of iron included in the clay or glaze is fired. It has a very long history. Having keenly studied past masterworks such as the celadon ware produced at the imperial kilns of the Song dynasty, Kawase has been producing unique celadon porcelain refined with a contemporary touch. His works are overflowing with a sophisticated beauty of elaborately detailed, sharp forms and a tranquil, profound tone of blue glaze.In addition to works that Kawase has presented so far, the current exhibition also includes works that have hitherto not been presented in public and a selection of antiques which the artist himself admires to convey Kawase’s achievements over the past fifty years.

General Information of this exhibiton

Period 23 November - 24 March,2019
Closed ClosedMondays (except Dec.24/Jan.14/Feb.11), Dec.25/Jan.15/Feb.12, ※New Year holiday:from Dec.28 to Jan.1
Hours 11:00~18:00  (Last entry 30 minutes before closing)
Admission Adults 1000yen
University students 800yen
High school,Junior high school and elementary school student 500yen

※Preschool children : Free
Organizer Kikuchi Foundation, NIKKEI, Inc.

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