The Power of Colors

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The Power of Colors

The Power of Colors
[Contemporary Ceramic Art
From KIKUCHI Collection]
August. 6 - December. 4, 2016

 The current exhibition entitled The Power of Colors comprises approximately sixty works mainly from the Kikuchi Collection with focus on the appeal of ceramic colors.
 We live surrounded by many colors every day. There are natural colors such as those of the flowers that announce the turn of the season or the kaleidoscopic change of the sky and artificial colors overflowing in the contemporary city. How many colors do we see each day? Regardless of whether we are conscious of such colors or not, they affect the human body and soul and possess powerful force to stimulate our sensibility.
  The effect brought about by colors is tremendous in experiencing artworks, too. The color of a work reaches the viewer’s intuition before he or she thinks and, at times, remains in his or her memory as an impression stronger than anything else. In ceramics, too, together with the form and texture, color is an important factor that decides the charm of that ceramic. A color of a ceramic differs, however, from ordinary paint or coloring agent in that the color does not come out nor get fixed until it has been fired. In order to attain works that meet their ideal, the ceramists have accumulated experience and honed their techniques in search of the power of unexpected colors lurking in the material and have provided the clay with rich expressions. The colors of the ceramics that are brought into being through such efforts have a profundity of their own, which enchant the viewers.

General Information of this exhibiton

Period 2016 Aug. 6(sat)~ Dec. 4(sun)
Closed Closedmondays (except Sep.19th, Oct.10tn), Sep.20, Oct.11st
Hours 11:00~18:00  (Last entry 30 minutes before closing)
Admission Adults 1000yen
University students 800yen
High school,Junior high school and elementary school student 500yen

※Preschool children : Free
Organizer Kikuchi Foundation, Nikkei Inc.

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