Toko Shino in the autumn of my years...

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Toko Shinoda, in the autumn of my years…

Toko Shinoda
in the autumn of my years…
March. 29 - May. 28, 2017

 Toko Shinoda (b.1913) is a calligrapher and also an artist internationally acclaimed for her abstract paintings composed of sumi color and lines referred to as bokusho. Having been introduced to calligraphy as a child, Shinoda studied it more or less without any teachers. After World War II, from 1956, she spent two years in the USA, where, while undergoing a baptism of the latest art, she broadened her expressions in sumi.
  Sumi changes diversely according to the temperature, humidity, how the ink stick is rubbed, or the choice of equipment. The artist’s brushwork and bodily movements are converted to the lines and color of the sumi as is, producing infinite variations. While modeling her work on her knowledge of fine calligraphy and literature by ancient masters, Shinoda captures phenomena that change from one moment to another and pass by with acute sensibility and represents them as works entrusted to the sumi, water, and brushwork. She has been working on calligraphy for more than eighty years. Having turned 104 on March 28th this year, Shinoda still continues to work with vigor. This exhibition was compiled by Norman Tolman, Shinoda’s main dealer, who has watched over the artist’s work for forty years, and consists of approximately fifty works from old works dating from around 1958 to the latest examples.
 Please enjoy experiencing Toko Shinoda’s keenly-honed sense of beauty and her energy towards art, which remains unchanged at over 100 years of age.

General Information of this exhibiton

Period 2017 Mar. 29(sat)~ May. 29(sun)
Closed Closedmondays
Hours 11:00~18:00  (Last entry 30 minutes before closing)
Admission Adults 1000yen
University students 800yen
High school,Junior high school and elementary school student 500yen

※Preschool children : Free
Organizer Kikuchi Foundation, The Tolman Collection
Supported American Embassy, The Japan Times

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